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About Specialty Products Plus

Specialty Products Plus is a family owned business since 1974. This company name was chosen because it truly stands for what we do and represent.

As you probably know, anybody can sell plumbing parts, and there are many companies out there, large and small. Some are your local neighborhood stores and some are National chains, that make an attempt at selling a “fit all” type of solution to fit all your plumbing needs. What separates us from this type of store is the vast knowledge and experience of having the exact replacement part that works each and every time. We’re proud that we’ve earned the reputation of being the “go to company” for our services, quality, pricing and knowledge.


With over 50 years in the Plumbing Specialty Parts Replacement industry, we can speak with authority and supply the knowledge and replacement parts with the assurance that you are at the right place at the right time.


At Specialty Products Plus, we carry thousands of replacement parts for all your plumbing repair needs. If it’s a leaky faucet or tub or maybe that toilet that just makes noise and runs all the time, you can be assured that WE HAVE YOUR PARTS!!!

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